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Are you looking for the right plumber – a professional who’s prompt, honest, and smart? Call the Plumbing Nerds at 239-500-6373 to discuss your needs and learn more about your options.

If the tech revolution has taught us anything, it’s that nerds rule. In fact, who among us hasn’t been glad an intelligent, helpful person with an exhaustive knowledge of technology was around to help us learn how to use any one of the many tech devices in our lives?

The way we see it, the plumbing industry needed what you might call ‘nerd-grade’ professionals to elevate the thinking and service found in this proud trade. Our business philosophy centers around bringing you the latest solutions to your plumbing and drain issues. This means the best and most advanced equipment, technology and, yes, even nerd-like enthusiasm. We think that’s a smarter way to do business, and we hope you agree.

Nerd HQ is now strategically located in Bonita Springs, FL, central to SW Florida!

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$103 or Free
Drain Cleaning

That’s right, if we can’t clear your main sewer line drain it’s free! We will do everything in our power, with our tools and expertise, to clear out your main sewer line using the standard method. If its too serious to clear this way, its free!

$69 Water Heater Inspection & Flush

Prevention and inspection are key to keeping your water heater healthy. Your peace of mind is very important to us so call us today for the $69 Water Heater Inspection & Flush!

$99 Toilet Tune Up

Think about the amount of work a toilet has to do every day, not only flushing down waste but supporting every user’s weight. Our $99 Toilet Tune Up can help avoid a break down due to the wear and tear of constantly being used.

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Latest Technology

We stay up to date on industry developments to better serve you. Our services use the latest in plumbing technology so you receive faster, more accurate solutions.

Personal Attention

Through professional diagnosis we are able to provide you with the most accurate solutions. This means you get the personalized service you deserve, every time.

Upfront Service

We won’t start any work without first providing you with an upfront price and an initial discussion of the proposed service. You will know what to expect every step of the way, before the actual work begins.

Total Peace of Mind

Our goal is to make you happy through high level customer service and solutions. All work is carried out with your safety as the top priority.

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